Tarmac HQ Benefits from Swisslab

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Tarmac HQ | AlumascSwisslab External Wall Insulation (EWI) from Alumasc has been used for the major refurbishment of Tarmac’s 60 year old Headquarters building in Wolverhampton.

Frost damage over the last 50 years had resulted in corrosion of the outer reinforcement steel, causing the existing roughcast render to crack.

2500m2 of Swisslab was installed on the Tarmac scheme, incorporating a high performance 1.5mm Silkolitt silicone render finish in cream along with Phenolic insulation boards.

Despite the dated architectural style of the building making it difficult to bring it up to current thermal standards, the use of Swisslab has resulted in a 77% reduction in the U-Values of the external walls from 1.35w/m2K to 0.31W/m2K.

Peter Waring, Project Manager at Tarmac, explains: “The design of the building involved the floor slabs finishing flush with the external layer of brickwork. This ruled out the possibility of using cavity wall insulation as it would have left the floor edges as cold bridging points, so we were looking for an EWI system that could be installed over the existing substrate. It was important that our chosen system provided a durable, weatherproof finish that would ultimately give the building a smooth, modern look, whilst also improving its thermal efficiency.”

For more details on Swisslab and other Alumasc EWI Systems, click here.

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