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Alumasc's Aqualine, Apex Heritage Cast Iron and Flushjoint systems at Upton Grange Eco-Development in Northampton

Alumasc's Aqualine, Apex Heritage Cast Iron and Flushjoint rainwater systems at Upton Grange Eco-Development in Northampton

Our friends at Building Magazine have reported recenty that the Zero Carbon Hub and Energy Savings Trust are calling for a ‘pan-industry marketing plan to promote zero carbon homes and address concerns that they appear experimental and unappealing to the majority of homebuyers”.

Everyday measures to lessen our carbon footprint are becoming second nature to many of us – the very thought of putting an old newspaper, wine bottle or cereal box into the dustbin feels completely alien to me these days and I’m even happy to wait 4 seconds for my lights to come on.

But our houses require a much larger financial commitment, so we are still, understandably, more worried about getting it right.

Sustainable homes need not look any different to conventional homes, if that is what we, as the owners and residents of those homes, want. Whether it be a newbuild or refurbishment project, many solutions are available to significantly improve the environmental performance of our homes whilst maintaining a traditional appearance.

For example, Alumasc’s thermally efficient External Wall Insulation systems can now be used with Cork which is one of nature’s most effective insulators and is harvested from sustainable forests that provide homes to many endangered species. Our Rainwater Management systems are installed out of sight underground and can be used to recycle up to 50% of our non-drinkable water every day, whilst our aluminium rainwater systems are 100% recyclable and offer a sleek appearance to the exterior of any home.

So, there is hope, for the less ‘experimental’ home owners amongst us, who, despite being a little bit nervous of wind turbines and solar panels, still want to do their bit for the planet.

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