Lack of ‘fanfare’ for Green Deal fails to ignite interest

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Since the Green Deal launched back in January, key industry professionals are keen to reflect on the impact it’s had during Q1 of trade. A distinct lack of Government support to engage with the public over this initiative is apparent, and it’s fair to say the construction industry cannot influence its success on its own.

Just to recap, with buildings in Britain being considered the least energy efficient in the world, the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) introduced the revolutionary idea to give people the opportunity to make energy efficient home improvements with the savings from their energy bills. Households throughout England
and Wales that use Green Deal to make home improvements will also qualify for cashback, the more work households have done, the more cash they could receive.

On paper Green Deal looks like the biggest boost in construction since the Second World War giving experts high hopes; with the promise of strong investment from utility companies and Government backed support across the built environment. However according to Housing Association Magazine, early indications show that the DECC’s failure to promote this flagship initiative may have long term affects.


Alumasc Facades has gone to great lengths to support Green Deal, by tailoring its product portfolio and offering External Wall Insulation Systems which are proven to conserve energy. An extensive training programme for installers which has been matched to CITB level standards has also been introduced by the Alumasc team.

Like many industry leaders, Alumasc shares the viewpoint that Green Deal needs more exposure. John Carter, MD at Alumasc Facades & Vice Chairmanof the Insulated Render & Cladding Association (INCA) told HA Magazine: “Green Deal represents a fantastic opportunity for the industry, but for it to work we need to engage with the public and that just hasn’t happened.” John goes on to say: “My biggest concern as a system supplier is that the quality of the contractors doing the work will be the making or breaking of Green Deal.”

To read John’s interview in full, click here.

For more information on Alumasc’s External Wall Insulation systems, click here.

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