Hydrotech from Alumasc – The Zero Falls Waterproofing Solution

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Hydrotech in a zero falls application at the Royal Opera House in London

Hydrotech in a zero falls application at the Royal Opera House in London

Hydrotech MM6125 from Alumasc, is the UK’s leading structural waterproofing system, successfully used by architects and specifiers for over 45 years on some of the world’s most prestigious buildings.

Hydrotech MM6125 is a monolithic membrane which is applied in a liquid state with a polyester reinforcement to form a 100% absolute bond. This ensures no water tracking below the membrane and no possibility of lap failure, making Hydrotech the first choice for zero falls applications.

The system is unaffected by standing water, dilute acids and fertilizers, and offers cost savings due to the omission of screeds to falls and on the reduction of weight and curing time involved. In addition, the membrane is self-healing and minor damage will be rectified automatically.

Hydrotech MM6125 is fully warranted and in over 23 years of application in the UK, has had no material failures. It also boasts the original and longest continuously valid BBA Certificate for falls and no falls waterproofing in the UK in its category (certificate numbers 90/2431 and 2432).

As a thermoplastic membrane, Hydrotech MM6125 offers the following features:

  • – Seamless
  • – Self-healing characteristics to minor construction damage
  • – Sets quickly – allowing for efficient site programming
  • – Homogeneous day to day laps allow for work to be executed out of sequence
  • – Tolerates adverse weather immediately after installation
  • – Easily repaired
  • – Simple detailing

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