Ensuring British Standards compliance for your Roof Drainage System

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Alumasc's innovative drainage calculatorIn an industry first, Alumasc has designed a new Rainwater and Drainage Calculator enabling Architects and Specifiers to build roof drainage systems which are automatically compliant to BS EN 12056:2000 and are designed to protect for the life of the building.

The calculator presents the user with four modules for the calculation of: Foul Drainage, Internal Rainwater Drainage, Flat Roof Drainage and External Rainwater Drainage.

The Flat Roof calculator will design a system to cater for the rainfall intensity of a specific project location. By inputting relevant criteria, such as roof area and design requirements, it will calculate the required outlet type and number required.

Once the Flat Roof drainage requirements have been ascertained, the Internal Drainage calculator builds an internal stack system to take rainwater internally from the flat roof, producing a variety of schematics showing the configuration of pipework as it would appear throughout the building.

For Foul Drainage, the system determines the size of Harmer SML pipework based upon the number of appliances that will be connected to the stack. The user is prompted to select factors appropriate to the type of building then a drainage system is designed in accordance with BSEN 12056-2:2000.

For external rainwater disposal, the Rainwater Gutter calculator designs a system based on a range of criteria input by the user. The system calculates the correct gutter size and type, providing frequency of pipework based on the data entered. This data is then retained for use across the alternative product ranges and profiles.

Architect Dan Boucher used the Rainwater and Drainage Calculator for the first time on a recent Flat Roof project. He comments: “The new software is a very easy and intuitive system. I can see this becoming a regular and significant part of my specification process from now on and I would have no hesitation in recommending this software to other Architects and Specifiers”.

Download the free software here.

An app for iPad is also coming soon.

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