Derbigum Roofing “The Jewel in the Crown”

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Alumasc Roofing Systems along with Mitie Tilley Roofing have recently completed the installation of a 1500m2 Derbigum high performance waterproofing system at Crown Bevcan, Carlisle.

Crown, UK beverage can manufacturers and one of the largest packaging companies in the world, were investing £2 million into the upgrade of their production line at Botchery.

As the 3rd highest producer of beverage cans globally and with net sales in 2014 of $9.1 billion, it was essential that Crown had peace of mind that any refurbishment works carried out at their Botchery plant would result in the waterproofing integrity of their works being guaranteed long term.

To this end, Alumasc Roofing were approached to provide a waterproofing system that could be installed with this key aim in mind.


The most challenging aspect of the project was to keep the site live with no interruption to the production process. This was overcome with an exceptional level of planning and organisation, with the client, Mitie Tilley roofing & Alumasc working hand in hand to not only facilitate site deliveries at timed intervals but also to coordinate site inspections to strict time schedules.

Health & Safety:

An impressive scaffolding was erected by Mitie Tilley Roofing allowing full access to their staff to carry out the refurbishment, whilst also ensuring the safety of Crown’s workforce during the project.

Key design considerations:

Communication was key with this scheme and attention to detail was paramount.
The existing building required a robust and versatile waterproofing system to upgrade the original manufacturing office. A high performance roofing system was required, yet aesthetics of the original building had to be taken into account.

Allied to these requirements, the waterproofing specified had to have superior performance characteristics in relation to the prevention of external fire spread and penetration.

Taking all these factors into account, Derbigum was the natural choice not only due to its ‘unrestricted’ classification in relation to fire, but also the Alumasc 30 Year Insurance Backed Warranty on offer for this key project, covering product, workmanship and design liability to provide an outstanding waterproofing solution for Crown, guaranteeing superior performance and waterproofing longevity for the future of their works.

Richard Emerson, Area Manager of Alumasc Roofing & the Alumasc Roofing Technical Team worked very closely with the client and Mitie Tilley Roofing to ensure the details & products specified met the extremely challenging requirements of this project and site conditions.

If you would like any further information on Derbigum Flat Roof solutions please click here, call us on 03335 771 700 or email

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