Cork – The Future of Building with Natural Insulation

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Cork bark being stripped during the harvest

Cork bark being stripped during the harvest

Cork is the future of building with natural insulation. It is a sustainable, long life, renewable product with good sound proofing and is free from artificial inputs. As an insulant, it is ideal for saving energy and protecting the environment, whilst complementing modern building techniques.

When combined with Alumasc high performance renders, all the benefits of insulated render systems are achieved with the added environmental impact of using a natural insulation product.

The benefits of cork insulation include:

• 100% natural: no chemicals or additives are used in the manufacture of cork.

Energy efficient manufacture: very low energy consumption is used by the manufacturing process. Zero Ozone depletion and zero global warming are also achieved.

• Lowest embodied energy of all commonly used insulation materials.

Sustains a huge variety of indigenous wildlife which is dependent upon the maintenance of the cork oak forests.

Stabilises rural economies, populations and local culture in the poorer agricultural areas of Southern Europe.

For more information on the use of Cork as a natural insulation material, click here.

Harvested cork waiting to be processed

Harvested cork waiting to be processed

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