Brick Shortage Hits Britain

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Britain is currently facing a national brick shortage amid a dramatic rise in demand for new homes in the UK.

Last month, house building picked up at the fastest pace for more than a decade as a result of the Government introducing the Help to Buy Scheme. With this sudden bounce back of the housing market, the UK’s supply of bricks has struggled to keep up and stocks have hit a record low of 336million.

Steve Morgan, chairman and founder of the FTSE 250 house builder said:

‘Bricks is an industry that takes a longer time to wind up. Firms are reluctant to do it until they think that it will be worthwhile.’

The production of bricks fell as the housing market ground to a halt during the financial crisis, with a huge stockpile of 887million bricks building up in 2009. As a result, brick-makers were forced to close down or mothball factories.

Kick-starting the production of bricks again has been a slow and expensive process. As the housing market has bounced back the stockpile of bricks has rapidly been used up resulting in the record low recorded.

The Federation of Master Builders (FMB), a trade body, said that a lack of bricks risked ‘scuppering’ the ability of construction firms to keep pace with new orders.

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